Belgium Government


Belgium is run by a constitutional monarchy which is a from of government where the monarch is the head of state within the boundaries of a constitution. Their government
is ruled by a King, and a prime minister. The prime minister is appointed by the
monarch with approvial from the Parliament. The cabinet is alsoexternal image 100px-Lesser_coat_of_arms_of_Belgium.svg.png
appointed by the monarch and is made up of an equal number of French and Flemish speaking ministers. At the moment King Albert II and Yves Leterme are in rule. The parliment in Belgium is madeup of two chambers: The 71-seat senate, and the more powerful 150-seat Chamber of Representatives. Parlimentary elections are held at least every five years. The Executive and Legislative branches in Belgium are of equal power.


Parliamentary elections are held at least every five years. The voting age in Belgium is 18, but the citizens in Belgium are not required to vote.