Austrian History


Power peeked in the 19th century. In 1273 Hapsbugs gradually spread their empire for 600 years. Thats when destroying French emperor Napolean. Two royal familes rulled for most of the Austrian history.  They once were with Roman and Carolingian empires. Hapsburg came to power. Hapsburg spread the power to Central Europe.
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The European history had a big impact on Austria. In 1156, Vienna the capital became a big autonous territory under Babenberg family. Wars nationalist disputes led goverment to dual monarchy Hungary in 1876. In 1914, Austro-Hungarian Empire covered present-day Austrian Hungary. The Great War empire's destruction. Austrian republic
(1918-1938) struggled to survive because they were swallowed up by Hitler's Germany. Then there was World War II. Vienna became key UN city where nations meet-discuss problems-negotiate treaties.
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Austria was proclaimed a republic in 1918. Austria joined the European Union (EU) in January 1995. To maintain Austria's neutral stance, Austrian government rejected membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).
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